Pissed-off boyfriend destroys cheating girlfriends’s Saturn!


Allegedly, the girlfriend of this pissed-off dude was caught cheating. Instead of acting like a civilized human being, this guy decided that he would do something more a bit over the top in the name of revenge on his girlfriend.
We catch up midway through the act in the video below as the guy in the lifted truck exacts revenge through the means of a crushed little Saturn. The compact car never stood a chance against the gigantic tire of the lifted pickup truck.

The internet is full of videos of girlfriends wrecking their boyfriends’ cars in acts of revenge. But this is the first time we see the revenge taking the opposite turn. Would you react like this if you found out your significant other was cheating on you?
I think it’s too much. This guy clearly overreacted and caused material damage that needed to be paid. And given the fact it’s a public video, we can safely say he’s the one who paid. Check out this silly act of revenge!