Motorcycle ‘Road Rage’ in New York City

A scary video of an SUV running over a group of bikers in New York City, followed by those bikers chasing down and attacking the driver made the Internet rounds, and exploded into a national story. It isn’t the first time that our highways have turned into the Wild West, but it’s this video that elevated the story of “driver strikes bikers” or “bikers beat up driver” from another road rage incident into something more complex.

You can watch the whole thing below. It starts with a large convoy of motorcycles surrounding a Range Rover; the SUV striking a biker (who may have intentionally stopped short) at around 27 seconds in; the bikers stopping to surround the vehicle; the Range Rover running over a bunch of bikers at around 50 seconds; and then a prolonged chase, with the bikers catching up to SUV; and breaking the SUV’s windows at around 6:15 in.