How To Destroy A FORD RAPTOR Pickup Truck In Just 2 Minutes?

Now, when you are a buying a truck like this and you plan to go extreme off-roading with it, you probably want to beef it up a bit. Most of these trucks are definitely not stock.

However, that does not mean that you can make your truck completely invincible and remember that Mother Nature can always throw something that your truck won`t handle.

This video proves this point perfectly as this beefed up full-size Ford Raptor pickup truck has a lot of trouble in a muddy pond !!

Unfortunately, he learned it the way. The intense beating his truck got resulted in the truck`s front CV joint destroyed. However, if it wasn`t for the modifications on this truck, we presume that the situation would`ve been far worse than just a broken CV joint.

Nevertheless, a broken front CV joint can be a nightmare to fix as well. This driver definitely pushes his Ford Raptor to the edge here when it suddenly tips over.

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