He Tries To Steal A Truck But Can’t Drive Stick!!!

We bet you’ve seen a lot of ridiculous thefts in your lifetime, but this one is going to be the funniest! We’ve seen various different ways that a car theft could end. Some vehicles have built in immobilizers for just such occasions. They are designed to be a kill switch and work wonderfully. An immobilizer is probably the safest way to end a car theft. Other ways are through high speed pursuit; usually ending with an accident. But what happens during this attempted theft is hilarious! This starts off as what seems to be a pretty serious car theft.

The thief makes the truck owner forfeit the truck at gunpoint. If you’re going to go to such measures to steal a vehicle, at least make sure you know how to drive it! This thief didn’t realize the truck had a standard transmission until he got in and tried to drive away. Well, we all knew what was going to happen next! Hopefully this guy gave himself whiplash, because it definitely gave us whiplash just watching it!

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