Soldier Tries To Teach His Lady How To Ride A Sport Bike And Goes Horribly Wrong!

We have all seen and loved the videos of girls riding sport bikes and even pulling stunts on them, but when we are watching and admiring their skills we tend to forget that they had to start somewhere at some point.

Mostly being urged on by their boyfriend or their dad, they first got on a bike and were taught how to work the gas, clutch and gearshift combo.

So we take you to a very unfortunate kind of start where the girl thinks she has this combo down as a uniformed member of the armed forces helps her learn the basics of riding a sport bike.

Now for the bad part, after successfully getting the bike moving she is apparently scared and panicky and is unable to remember how to stop this extremely fast machine.

The rest you have to see for yourself to believe it but be warned, it’s not pretty!

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