There’s nothing like a little impromptu highway pull to pass the time on a sunny afternoon. These rides are pretty evenly matched and it makes for a trio of nice close top end runs, with both rides swapping the lead back and forth as they shift gears and the power ramps up. The camera car is a Dodge 392 CID Challenger, a pretty potent combo straight from the factory. In the other lane, a sleeper Silverado that’s been LS swapped and boosted, which even in it’s most basic form should be good for around 500 horsepower.

The first run is a great side-by-side race with the rides staying locked together until aerodynamics take over and the somewhat swoopier Challenger pulls ahead to take the win. The second run goes the truck’s way, with the portly hauler jumping out to a big lead and continuing to walk away to win by a few truck lengths.

Speaking of that little gesture, we have to take a moment to talk about gestures and taunting during a race. While the guy in the Silverado was obviously paying attention to the road and not risking anything by tossing the wave at the Challenger driver, but we’ve seen some taunts that are legitimately dangerous, like “rowing”, where the driver makes the motion of rowing a boat with both hands out the window. We gotta ask if it’s worth taking both hands off the wheel in the middle of a race to taunt the other guy? It seems awfully brazen, but we can’t deny it’s a great way to lay the final insult on top of winning a race. What’s your favorite way to taunt a losing driver during or after a race?