Halftrack Wheelstand Ends In Brush With The Wall!

Check this, Halftrack Wheelstand Ends in Brush With The Wall!

Many racers call it “The Last Hurrah” before the entire season comes to an end, we are talking about the No Guts No Glory (The 5th edition to be exact) which is held at Orlando Speed World where the last scores for the year get to be settled.

And this time it appears that these guys had a big score to settle at least judged by the reaction of that one dude that gets a bit too excited after this race ends.
We join the action as a couple of badass Monte Carlo SS Nitrous bangers are lining up for a drag race, and boy do they look amazing.

But as soon as the race starts one of them pulls an incredible wheelstand what has the driver starring at the sky for about the third of the track length.

Will this be enough to get him to the finish line first or will the encounter with the wall keep him for reaching the finish line first?

Play the video and find out.

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