Extreme Motorcycle Wheelie, Woman’s Butt to the Ground

Performing stunts on your bike is something fun to do. But at the same time, one must ensure that proper safety measures are taken. This girl considers her too cool that she forgets to wear her leather pants during a motorcycle wheelie. The poor girl got some serious butt burns as a consequence. Well, she will remember it for life now.

We may not understand the importance of leather pants, but she definitely helped us all to make the point clear. No wonder, some lessons are learnt the hard way. The girl suffered some serious pain after the wheelie. But the one making this video had all the fun. And anyone watching it won’t be able to stop themselves from laughing, despite all the sympathy they have for this girl.

Have a look at the video and you will know that the girl is in some serious trouble. We pity the poor girl and hope that she recovers soon from the butt burns. This girl won’t forget to wear leather pants next time if she gathers enough courage to try it again.

Watch the video here !!!

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