“Right, I can’t stand this, it’s got to be cleaned. But it’s too much work to do it at home, a professional valet will cost too much… Ah, there’s a power washer. That’ll work.”

15 minutes of blasting high-pressure water round the interior later:

“Good grief, everything’s soaking wet! And nothing works! It won’t start, what’s going on!?”

She calls a breakdown service:

“Hello, breakdown service. Your car won’t start, okay. You did what? Erm, you know you’re not supposed to do that, right? Because it’s not waterproof. You once spilled a gallon of water in there and it was fine… Right, you do realize spilling a gallon of water and blasting it with a high-pressure hose aren’t really the same thing? You didn’t. Okay, I’m afraid that’s not in your coverage so you’re going to have to pay for recovery. Yes, it can go on a different credit card. No, I wouldn’t want anyone to know, either. Okay then, a truck will be with you in twenty minutes.”

As the phone clicks off, the operator turns to their colleagues:

“You are not going to believe this one!”

Honestly, what was she thinking here?