Twin Turbo “Mr. Nasty” ’69 CUDA Vs Nutrous “Shake Rattle & Run” ’57 CHEVY!

These guys might have diverse ways to make the power, but they sure find their way to make huge amounts of it.

Bill Houghton decided that for his ride, he will go with slamming air into a 521ci Mopar, with the help of twin turbochargers on this beautiful 1969 ‘Cuda which is nicknamed “Mr Nasty” and boy does this nickname fit this awesome car.

In the next lane starring at the same Christmas tree, is the ride called “Shake Rattle & Run” build by the famous Messino & Sons, which is a ’57 big tire Chevy that is addicted to taking shots of nitrous in order to help the 633ci engine make 1900 horsepower.

Now in all fairness both of these machines are not at the top of their game but that does not make the race any less attractive at all.

Check it out in the video bellow, and when they have a match up after getting them all set up, we will make sure you get it.

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