Twice Blown: A 1932 Ford Sedan 2500HP! What a SOUND!!

Over the years 32 Ford Sedan Delivery hot rods have evolved into a cliche. Instead of being built for performance it seems that most have become trailer queens or fairground cruisers. It’s appearance is mean and aggressive with it’s sleek black Gibbon body, long wheel base, drag tires, parachutes and two massive supercharged 572ci Keith Black Hemis.

These days most 32  Ford Sedan Delivery’s follow a simple formula: Stock exterior, custom leather interior, mag wheels and a Small Block Chevy mated to a TH350. As you can imagine this can become boring after a while, but one 32 Sedan Delivery breaks this cliche: Twice Blown Delivery.

Ross 9.2:1 pistons and an Eagle crank and connecting rods are the internals, an MSD ignition starts them and two massive roots blowers provide power. Each one of these bad boys produces 1250 horsepower for a combined earth shaking 2500 horses.

The car is listed for sale  with a hefty price tag of $209,900. Do you think Twice Blown is worth $200K or is it all show and no go?