Tree VS. Dodge Cummins!!

4×4 Dodge SLT Truck Pulling a Tree With its Cummins Diesel Engine! Watch this fun video of a good friend helping a buddy out with his landscaping. We all know that when you own a truck, your automatically signed up for friend favors. Its a fact. Wether it be moving, hauling, towing, or landscaping in this case. Your going to be getting the call. I must say, if a buddy is calling me to use my truck, this situation below would be one that would crack a smile on my face when I heard the request. Especially knowing that your buddy lives in a quiet looking suburban neighborhood. They don’t really know the sound of a screaming diesel in these part. Watch the video below as the Dodge Truck owner puts his 4×4 cummins diesel to a test against a rooted tree. Bet the neighbors love this guy! Thank god the chain held, or this new Dodge SLT Truck might have found itself in the garage across the street. We counted about 8 pulls to get the tree out. Do you think a chevy or ford truck could have done better?