This 7 sec Sleeper Chevy Nova will Blow Your Mind!

Any car that can cover the distance of a quarter mile from a standstill in less than 8 seconds is a seriously fast car in out book, and the one that we are bringing you today is one of those, apart from the fact that this vehicle is capable of immense acceleration, this one gets to cover about 800 miles over a drag weekend racing in three different states and at three different track in the period of three days.

The first run is not the best one that this awesome muscle car is capable, since it begins with a huge wheelstand that forces an early cutoff and a run that the river soon wants to forget.

The car goes in the pits for some additional tinkering and comes out stronger than ever, he takes it down a notch at the starting line and then hammers is so hard that the run results in the best 5.3 1/4-mile pass in the US at the blistering 7.90@172.96!

Check out the video of this amazing Nova which is still a street car yet it is in the 7 second crowd now.

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