This 36.000HP Vehicle Holds The Guinness World Record For Being The Fastest Truck! Real BEAST!

We have seen a lot of really fast cars on this website! Today however, we decided to turn our attention to a different transport vehicle. We are talking about trucks of course! How fast do you think the FASTEST TRUCK in the World is?! We are pretty sure you have no idea, so let us help you! The fastest truck in the World is triple jet powered and it has an ASTONISHING 36.000 HORSEPOWER! It literally spits fire and travels with the speed of light! It had a shock wave blast which you are able to see on the video that left real marks and covered the place with smoke! It is a truck that is able to pass a 1/4 mile in less than 8 seconds! Check out the Guinness World Record Holder!

We don`t know about you, but we want one of those for ourselves! Just look at it! It looks like a superhero from a movie! If you have ever seen any of the “Back to the future“ movies, you probably expected this amazing truck to vanish at any moment! This is how fast the fastest truck in the world is! This is possibly one of the most American videos ever! Where else in the world would you see someone putting a jet engine on a truck! This is why we like this video so much! We shall stop talking now. Instead we will leave you to see the fastest truck in the world for yourself and decide whether you like it or not. We sure did. Watch the 36,000 HP truck that is in the Guinness Book of World Records and don`t forget to share with us your opinion about this video that will definitely blow your mind!

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