When it comes to drag racing, there are so many different possible combinations that it will blow your mind. Even after you have picked out the platform that you want to race with, there are all kinds of things from your suspension set up to your engine and everything in between to choose and that’s before you pick out the modifications that complement all of these different aspects. It’s really a big tossup with what you route you want to go with and depending on your goals, there could be a whole bunch of different setups to fit your wants and needs.

This time, the topic of discussion on the hot seat is none other then diesel powered swap vehicles. That’s right, each and every one of these machines didn’t start out with a diesel but now, things are getting mighty serious. Whether the candidate be a Chevrolet Nova or Ford Mustang, none of these vehicles are as they seem as each and every one packs a diesel power plant. I think that the grand goal here is to figure out which one of these things is the fastest and that’s exactly what they do as the drivers put their machines to the test on the track and have at it, throwing down with a vengeance to see who can make it down the track in the quickest manner possible.

Follow along with the video below as our buddies over at Triple-X Motorsports and outdoors plant us in just the right location to watch as these competitors do whatever they see necessary to put on a show and that’s exactly what they end up doing as these machines really make their presence felt, spitting out massive torque on the way down the strip to make sure that they can cement their place on the top of the hill. Unfortunately, only one can reign supreme!