The OG Murder Nova spent many years at or near the top of the Oklahoma City Top 10 list, serving dutifully through many changes and almost always rising to the occasion. From nitrous to ProCharger and finally twin turbo, the car has done it all and done it well, but it’s finally time to retire the old girl and bring in her replacement, and damn what a sight she is!

This video is one of the first of the new car, and no, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you: the new one does look just like the old one. But don’t let appearances fool you, this is a totally different beast under the matte black body. The original Murder Nova was powered by a boosted ProLine big block, the new one takes a “Lighter is better” approach with a small block power plant providing the horsepower. With weight transfer being of utmost importance, especially on the street where traction can sometimes be hard to find, Shawn decided to have the engine set as far back in the engine bay as possible to put more of the weight on the back tires.

The engine being pushed so far back into the engine bay meant lanky Shawn would have to have his seat pushed back nearly a foot to have room to comfortably operate inside the car. Major changes like that to the gorgeous Don Dial-built chassis couldn’t be trusted to just anybody, which is why Shawn turned to master fabricator and wiring/fuel system guru and do-it-all wizard Travis Quillen, who made all the necessary changes in the small Alabama shop you see in the video below.

We certainly love the OG Murder Nova, but we also love to see progress and this new car in a big leap forward for Shawn and the Midwest Street Cars crew. Look for it to make it’s debut within the next couple of seasons of Street Outlaws.

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