When it comes to Street Outlaws Farmtruck and AZN are definitely a duo that has become beloved. Whether it be because of their antics behind the scenes as they run through all kinds of different shenanigans in their free time or their ability to go out fishing, catching up with unsuspecting opponents who aren’t ready to take on the duo’s sleepers, this group have certainly have become a fan favorite. This time, however, they’re going to show us that they aren’t limited to going fast in a straight line or giving us belly laughs in their free time.

This time, we check out their attempt to go sliding! That’s right, if you have seen the way that they do it down in Australia, these guys are really all about putting their machines sideways and throwing down on the skidpad. Everything that you’ve seen burnout wise here in America, well, you haven’t seen anything yet. These guys will do whatever they can to destroy copious amounts of tires in the quickest amount of time possible all while putting on the biggest show that they can figure out how to and honestly, we can’t think of a better duo to try to take on this Australian way of life.

With the “Skidtruck,” we get to see quite the variant of Farmtruck itself as it pops on the dyno and shows us a little taste of the machine that’s the ticket to get into this world of killing rubber. In the video below, you’ll be able to catch up with the truck after It’s undergone some modification to beef it up just a little bit. Turn up your speakers and get ready because this supercharged monster is on the dyno and it’s raring and ready for you to tune in to see it spin those rollers at full tilt. Any guesses as to how much power it’s going to make?

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