If you ask around the drag radial watercooler, people will tell you that Dave Comstock is certainly one to be feared behind the wheel. As of now, he’s really got the ProCharged 481x under the hood of the Goliath 2.0 working its tail end off with the 315 radials hanging out in the rear, however, even the most experienced drivers are always out there trying to do better and turn it up just a little bit. You’ve got to remember that every last edge that you can possibly get is important when the whole field is out there trying to do better and one up themselves.

This time, we join in for the exact time where you try to turn up your car as much as possible to see what the track will be able to handle and, in the process, I think that Daddy Dave found out exactly what the track was able to handle as he turned it up to the point where he would end up losing control, sending the Nova sideways in a display that had to put everyone in attendance on edge as they watched and waited to see what Dave would do next before he eventually threw his experience at the situation to be able to come up with one heck of a save. We’re loving the quick reaction, here!

If you check out the video below, you’ll be taken to the starting line to watch the entire scene unfold. Hats off to our buddy, Dave, for making one heck of a save and continuing on his path to try and take home the crown at the Lights Out 9 “No Time” class.

If you thought that this was adrenaline pumping then just wait until you see the rest of what the event has to offer. If you’re a racing fan, then there’s only one place that you should be glued to this weekend and it’s LO9, whether it’s via the live stream or at the actual event!