Strangers Pursued A DRUNK DRIVER To Save Lives!

Check out this incredible video where these strangers pursued a totally drunk driver on the highway to save lives! It is really amazing how these strangers worked together with their cars on finally got this guy off the road safely.First I thought the driver was experiencing some serious medical issues while he was driving but when he stopped, it was clear enough in what condition he was and he was holding a plastic cup with a beer. Anyway, it can be noticed that his hands were shaking, so maybe he had a medical emergency and he didn’t realize it. Drunk people are usually not so calm and he was shakey and very confused.So, medical issue or a drunk driver that should be for the law enforcement. Police will first make the test and they will decide either way. We should all give these people a thumbs up ,because this guy needed to be off the road. The driver in the silver car was incredibly brave because the driver who was crossing the lanes could have done very serious damage. We are glad that no one was hurt.Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts with us in the comment section below.