Silly Harley Rider Wanted To Break Away From His Gang But The Light Pole Stopped Him. Don’t Use Sidewalks as Private Driveways!!!

Harley Davidson Rider Crashes Into Light Pole! They say that you are not a real bike rider, until you have crashed your bike at least once, and in a way they are right since only after you have experienced that fall you will become a better more careful and safer rider.

When it comes to this video however, apparently the guy on the Harley bike that crashed into the stoplight has a lot to learn about being a safe rider and staying safe on the road, and well um on the sidewalk apparently since that is where he was actually riding.

What made him ride on the sidewalk is beyond us, and now he knows that this was one of the dumbest ideas that he ever had, as he flies thru the air straight into the pedestrian stop light knocking it to the ground.

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