Welcome to the internet where everyone is angry, you’re usually wrong, and if you want to break up the monotony of the back and forth about Trump and Clinton it’s with a road rage video such as this! (or maybe a clip of a cute puppy)

This time, we join in on another questionable situation that has the driver of a pickup truck furious for what reason we aren’t too incredibly sure.

However, yet again, as with most road rage videos on the Internet, this one was handled in a manner that is way too inappropriate to be out in public.

Instead of using words to sort it all out or are contacting the police in the first place, this driver took it upon himself to attempt to run over people on their motorcycles. We are definitely no lawyers, but that would look to be attempted vehicular manslaughter to us.

We aren’t too sure if this bout of rage was provoked or not, but in any scenario running somebody over with your truck probably isn’t the best course of action.

Check out the video below as it all unfolds as GoPro cameras are recording and what we have are left with is the clip below to judge for ourselves.

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