Police Start Using New Radar Guns That Detect More Than Just Speed…

You have probably seen police officers point a radar gun at passing cars. Those tools can be used to detect if a car is speeding by clocking a vehicle’s speed. But you probably didn’t know that those radar guns can also be used to see if a person is texting and driving! Distracted driving is a big problem. It is illegal in many states to text and drive, but people still do it.

A Virginia-based company developed the guns. They work by detecting radio frequencies – these frequencies are emitted from a cell phone. There is a different frequency the phone emits when a text message is being sent. When the radar gun detects the text message frequency, they know someone in the vehicle is texting while driving.

The gun will soon be in officers hands; it isn’t on the market yet. This technology will save lives! Share away, people.

Take a look at the video below: