When you try to explain to somebody your obsession for racing, sometimes, it might be a little bit difficult to describe exactly why you spend those countless hours in the garage and all of your spare time, when you’re not working, on your phone or computer watching racing videos. A lot of people might just not understand exactly how one can fall in love with racing so much. However, by showing somebody a race like this, it might be just a little bit easier to explain exactly why you’re so infatuated with a couple of cars lining up side-by-side and blasting as fast as they possibly can, even if it’s just for a couple of seconds.

When you see a couple of cars like this first generation Chevrolet Camaro going head-to-head with a wild G-Body, it really becomes clear as to why racing has found a place in many of our hearts. With this race was captured by Urban Hillbilly Action Videos, we can really get a full rush of adrenaline as these two plant down hard, give it all that they have got, and blast their way all the way to the finish line where it comes down to a photo finish with neither car giving up an inch. At the end of the day, races like this are exactly what the sport is all about.

Follow along with the video down below that will take you to the scene to show you exactly why we were so exhilarated by this moment. After getting a load of this race for yourself, be sure to tell us what you think of this finish and who you think ended up winning here. It’s an incredibly difficult task for the naked eye to carry out but if you watch enough times, I would venture to think that you could come up with one driver who you thought was truly victorious over the other.

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