With the size of the load being pulled in tractor pulls, big power is a given and when big power is lingering around, anything can go wrong at any moment. So many moving parts need to come together in just the right way to make sure that these big power tractors can keep on blasting down the surface at maximum efficiency so that they can pull as long and hard as they possibly can! With all of those moving parts being stretched to the limits definitely comes a little bit more cause for concern because when teams really turn it up, there’s a good chance that something is going to give and cause complete mayhem !!

One of the worst case scenarios unfolded for these drivers as they made what were otherwise average pulls. A few seconds or maybe even a minute into the competition, watch as the tractors explode into a ball of fire, sending fuel everywhere and igniting it into major explosions that send light and color flying everywhere as the alcohol and methanol go up in flames, making your heart sink for just a moment before the fire and safety crew comes to the rescue, making sure that the person onboard is safe after such an eruption.

The mishaps can be caught in the video below that takes on the liberty of compiling some of the sports biggest blow ups. It looks like these teams have to go back to the drawing board and build something bigger, badder, and stronger for the next competition. Sure, this might seem extreme but the drivers and teams definitely know that situations like this are an option when they walk into such a competition. That’s why they’re fitted with such extensive safety equipment to make sure that everyone is able to go home at the end of the day!

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