Girls React to NOS Installed in 800HP Muscle Car

Laughing gas, nitrous, NOS; call it what you will. The reaction is always priceless. No matter its terminology, when you mix it with racecars and beautiful women you are going to have a good time! Taken from a scene from the viral video, “Cadillac CTS-V Supercharged 800 hp: five girls reactions”, this video illustrates the results of mixing sex, your neighbor’s small block Chevy yard ornament, and the science of pulling teeth.

How does nitrous work in cars?

When used in vehicles, nitrous oxide once heated to roughly 570 degrees F, splits from “nitrous oxide” into just nitrogen and oxygen. Injection of NOS into a motor will provide for more oxygen to be available during the combustion process. More oxygen allows for more fuel, and thus resulting in more power. In other words, it will make Joe Dirt’s hemi move real good.

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