Four-Speed 1966 Pontiac GTO Hardtop Upgraded to Tri-Power

Just a few out of every odd 1966 GTO got worked with Tri-Power and a four-speed, still it’s quite simple to make the contention they ought to have been. 

When this Montero Red “Goat” got reestablished the first four-barrel enlistment framework was traded for the notorious triple-deuce arrangement that was as socially pertinent at the time as “Pet Sounds,” by the Beach Boys. 

As demonstrated by the “242” code toward the start of the VIN, this 1966 Pontiac GTO Hardtop is a genuine GTO and the merchant has PHS documentation to back that up. Alongside the Tri-Power framework, some extra upgrades were also made to improve the presentation and drivability of the vehicle, including front plate slows down and revamped suspension segments.


As per “R” code on the firewall-mounted trim tag, this amazing GTO rolled out of the Pontiac, Michigan assembly plant in Montero Red and that’s the color it was repainted with when the body was restored. 

The seller states no noteworthy blemishes or swirl marks in the paint. 

Also no reported rust, either. The exterior trim appears to be in very good condition and all of the correct badges and the GTO-specific grille are in place. It’s said that the glass is original and in very good condition, along with window seals described by the seller as being in “excellent” condition. All of the exterior lighting works normally as per the reports. The hood scoop was also opened up to make it more functional.


The motor in here is a date-code-right 1966 V-8 that got remade, blueprinted, adjusted and dyno-tried, as per the vendor. 

The car initially was  joked with a solitary four-barrel carb, however the remake incorporated a move up to the famous Tri-Power framework and the carbs utilized with it are right for a ’66 model year GTO. 

According to the vendor the motor turns over effectively and subsides into a high idle of around 1,000 rpm when cold. The dealer reports no smoke at startup and no breaks or sobbing from the 389 nor the Muncie M20 four-speed manual transmission, which is said to move easily.


If we Round out this GTO’s restoration, the rebuilding of the front and rear suspension systems, according to the seller, include new springs, shocks, sway bars, tie-rod ends and bushings. 

Since its completion the car has only about 2,500 miles so they remain in nearly new condition, with no reported issues. 

The brakes alose were redone and the fronts were upgraded to power-assisted discs with drilled-and-slotted rotors. Drum brakes were retained in the rear. The car  also has power steering, with no reported leaks in the system. It rolls on Pontiac Rally II 14-inch wheels wrapped with BFGoodrich Silvertown redline radial tires that have a reported “95 percent” of their tread.