Fool Crashes His Horrible Motorcycle While Trying To Impress His Girlfriend !!

Trying to look cool is not always that easy, and at times it is simply dangerous, and we have the perfect video to prove this.

A guy saw bragging to his girlfriend about his amazing burnout skills (or should we say the lack of skills) and she now decided that she wants to see this incredible miracle in real life, performed by her boyfriend.

The first thing that comes to mind is that, this bike is not the best looking bike we have seen in a while (to put is lightly), and according to the noise this thing makes, the neighbors muse “love” him and his machine.

After kick starting that bad boy he sets up for the perfect burnout performance, with his girlfriend’s camera pointed at him.

How wrong does it all go? Well pretty bad, so go ahead and watch the video and find out why bragging should be done with caution.

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