FASTEST Car EVER Filmed 10,000hp – 300mph In The 1/4mile!!

Is this the FASTEST car EVER filmed 10,000hp – 300mph in the 1/4mile!!?

The guys at 1320Video have probably seen more racing cars that we will ever see in our entire life, and to find a car that has startled them, is something extremely rare.

The car that you are about to see has arrived in country about a week ago and on the very first full quarter mile pass has reached a trap speed over the finish line of 304 miles per hour, and got there in 4.82 seconds, we’ll let that sink in, before telling you that the driver let off at about 1 2000 feet.

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This incredible machine was basically brought here to get to 300 miles before the quarter mile, and they achieved that on their first try, and that tells us a lot about how fast and confident these guys are, in their funny car.

The class record they say is 4.6 and to hit 4.8 without going all the way on the first run, well that means that this 10,000 horsepower monster is about to get faster and faster.

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