While most of us are still starring at the Demon and its performance number, something even meaner lurks on the horizon so we had to tell you about it the minute we found out what it is

Inspired from the incredibly sought after 1970-73 Super Duty Trans Am, and based on the Alpha platform of the next model Camaro, this beast is getting a very round number of 1000 horsepower and as crazy as it sounds, this is while its drinking pump gas.

How, well that 455 cubic inch beast is force-fed huge gulps of air by the incredible 2.3 litre Magnuson supercharger at huge 14psi of boost.

Ok, this monster is not really a factory car so the Demon is safe in that class but the fact that it has nearly 200 horsepower more than the Dodge Demon really commands respect.

How to get it? Well that is not so easy and simple either, you would have to be one of the fastest 50 costumers which will get all their paperwork ready and also drop a non-refundable $3,000 deposit, and this is just to get a slot in the already busy production calendar.

Once you have gotten the slot, you will have to cough up the remaining 60% of the amount. If by any chance you are one of the 77 a lucky owners of the Bandit Edition TA, you will get priority in purchasing this vehicle.

Either way, it is going to leave you with a hefty dent in your pocket guaranteed.

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