Driver Tries to Run Over Biker Because He Kicked His Car – WTF?

Strange things happen at times. But this one is just another level weird. You can’t even imagine something like this happening for real. But it did. A car driver brutally ran over a rider and that too for a petty reason. You would laugh really hard if you come to know what actually happened.

Well, we are not sure how the things accelerated, but the rider was seen kicking the car. And before he knew it or had a chance to run away, the car driver just slammed him from the back. The rider got really furious and even went ahead to talk to the car driver. Now you must be wondering that things must be sorted out after that, but what happened was completely bizarre. The person in the car was not in the mood to talk at all. He just tried to kill the rider. He literally ran over the biker when he proceeded towards him.

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