Criminally Idiotic Toyota Road Rage Driver Almost Kills Biker

A disturbing case of road-rage was captured on a dash-cam in Bangkok, Thailand.

The video footage doesn’t exactly explain why the driver of a red Toyota Yaris hatch was angry at the person in the white pickup, but it does show how the situation quickly escalated with the former driving erratically and dangerously trying to cut off the truck.

Just after the 1:40 minute mark, the inevitable happened when the red hatch raced in front, with the white truck suddenly pulling to the left lane causing the dash-cam car to pull a sudden move as well. A motorcyclist coming from behind paid the price for all this madness.

The biker was thrown into the air like a rag doll before crashing on the side of another truck that almost ran over him.

Technically, it was the white truck that caused the accident, but the person truly responsible for all this is the driver of the red hatch. Where’s this  guy when you need him…