Chevy Camaro Wrecks Send Pieces Into The Stands!

In case some of you have forgotten here is a little reminder that motorsport is and will always be dangerous.

There are however thing you can do to lower the risks from injury or death, by using proper protection gear, and following simple safety rules that are imposed by the safety marshals at the track and the rest of the employees at the track.

Driver training is also very important as a driver needs to be able to control his vehicle under some very intense situations.

But as the drivers get better and better, they always want to drive the car faster and faster, closer and closer to the top of the cars abilities and many times even beyond them.

The driver in the video you are about to see is named Nick Agostino’s and he is behind the wheel of a Chevrolet Camaro that would have suffered much greater damage if not for the wall, this way he walked away thanks to all the safety precautions that he and the organizers set in place.

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