Canadian Teen Gruesomely Tortures Mom’s Porsche Cayenne: Worst Parking Job Ever

The teen reportedly grabbed the keys to his mother’s Cayenne, taking the Porsche for a joyride. The adventure predictably led to the no-license driver bumping into a parked car.

The crash, which took place in Vancouver, on West 32nd Avenue, between Oak and Grandville streets, turned into a hit and run when the youngster tried to run away. The teen panicked, aiming to put the Porsche inside the family garage and close the door.

Unfortunately, the failed parking attempt turned into a process that saw the Cayenne being shoved into the garage sideways, with the desperate teen going back and forth multiple times in his quest to cover things up.

The family’s neighbors caught the painful (the screeching soundtrack is probably the worst part) ordeal on camera, with the clip eventually reaching the police. With the license plate clearly visible in the footage, the amazingly lousy driver will now have to face the long arm of the law, even though he’s not facing criminal charges.

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