Camaro Vs TransAm Illegal StreetRacing, Trans Am Gets LOOSE And GOES Towards The CROWD!

The danger of a big metal mass moving without control at a very high rate of speed is ever-present when people go racing.

Yes the drivers are usually pretty skilled and have big experience with taming their metal beasts but being a racing driver means that you will be pushing the vehicle past its limits and lose control at some point.

In order to prevent injuries when this happens the organizers do their best to work up a safety plan for everybody to follow consisted of a number of precautions points.

What happens at illegal racing? Well that’s a thing that is totally up to the common sense of the spectators, and their experience around a track.

The more experienced ones, the ones that have seen number of crashes will know to stand close to the starting line where the speeds are much lower and the car is easier to control, the rest, well just like in this video will have to rely on their luck.

Check out what to and what not to do at the illegal races.

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