Bikini Girl Goes Crazy On Boyfriends Truck

Be Glad your Significant Other isn’t This Nuts – Going Crazy on a Ford Truck

We have said it before and we’ll say it again, no matter what someone has done to you, destroying their property is going to do nothing but complicate the situation more and get you into deeper water than where you’re already at.

However, that really doesn’t stop folks from taking out their frustrations by carrying out criminal acts of vandalism that they will have to come face-to-face with later on.

This time, we join in on a situation in which a woman that appears to be pretty upset at her boyfriend for some reason and to solve her issues, starts kicking his Ford pickup truck.

Check out the video below as somebody nearby pulls out a camera to record her and her craziness. What do you think of this wild display of anger? Is this any way to solve your problems?

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