Biker Loses Control Of His Motorcycle And Goes Into A Death Wobble Before Sliding On The Highway!

This accident was filmed on the I-80E near Sacramento California, and seeing it makes us cringe, since this poor fellow, did not have a leather jacket on, and while trying to look cool he nearly lost most of his skin on his upper body.

The explanation also states that his bike has already been wobbly at higher speeds after hitting a bump, but we couldn’t see the cause of this.

There must have been something wrong with his suspension to cause such tank-slappers and why he did not stop and check it out is beyond us, but we are in no way saying that he deserved to end up sliding on the road.

There have been many advices telling riders that they have to dress for the fall and not the ride but this guy apparently was not paying attention.

We hope that he is OK and that he has learned his lesson and will wear protective gear next time he goes for a ride, oh and also, he should get that suspension looked at as well.