Biker Almost Lost His Life When He Got Hit By Flying Wheel From Passing Car!

Riding a bike is more dangerous than other vehicles and the main reasons are simple behind it. Apart from what you wear as protective gear, there is literally no other protection that the vehicle provides for you.

Modern cars are equipped with multiple dual stage airbags, seatbelts with automatic tensioners, crumpling zones, WHIPS equipped seat (seats with Whiplash Protection System built in) and many more different systems to keep you safe, oh yeah we almost forgot, cars don’t fall over when you stop either.

The video that you are about to watch proves the whole thing as a biker is knocked off his bike and kisses the asphalt in an instant when a wheel goes flying straight into him from the car that is driving in the opposite lane.

How and what made the wheel to launch itself at the biker we don’t know but he was lucky that he walked out of that one uninjured.