Beautiful Girl on Hayabusa TROLLS Hellcat!

Ever since it first came out, we have been in love with the Hellcat, to us, this machine represents getting the US car manufacturers back on top on the map with a great recipe of a huge V-8, extreme amount of horsepower and all in a package that comes at a very reasonable price.

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This guy apparently feels the same way, and decided to purchase one, and even did some very small mods, like installing a higher air flow filter made by K&N to improve throttle reaction time and even reach a tiny power gain.

And while he is joking with his friend how the filter just added 100 horsepower, and is making a few test highway pulls to see if they can notice the more realistic power gain of about 8 or 10 horsepower, they stumble upon a badass chick on a Hayabusa.

Now folks we just said that we love the Hellcat, but let’s be realistic, power to weight ratio is no way in the favor of the American made muscle car, and boy does this chick likes to show this to them, as she twists the throttle passing them with amazing ease.

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Check out the video and enjoy some great footage of two amazing vehicles, and one badass girl, and no we do not know her number, so stop asking us !

What are your thoughts ?