Awesome 1958 Chevy Impala Cold Start!

The year was 1958 and Chevy decided to add a top of the line model for all the Bel Air hardtops which they named Impala, and in just a few words that’s how a classic was born.

Since GM was celebrating their 50th anniversary they added a top of the line model for every one of their brands and for Chevy it was the Chevrolet Bel-Air Impala.

As it was the top of the line model, there was no doubt that the V8 engine will be residing under the hood of all of them with the power output figures spanning from 185 to 315 hp in the optional Turbo-Thrust V8.

The total cars built was just shy of the 56 000 unit mark so there should be plenty to go around in case you decide to build one for yourself.

This time we bring you a great Custom car that somebody apparently put a lot of love and work in so check it out in the video bellow.