Are You Ready For Some Motorcycle Hell Of A SOUND? Check The MOST INSANE Bike Exhaust Ever!


Now we are sure that this is opened for debate, but one of the best sounds that a vehicle can make, is the sound of a inline-four street bike that revs up to 14 000 RPM with a sports exhaust mounted on that pipe.

But apparently one of the loudest ones, is the following horn-like huge exhaust that has only one purpose in life, to make your ears bleed.

And apparently, it is doing is job properly since you can see the crowd covering their ears, and even a guy that looks like an official running over to make him stop.

Now if you ask us, this was a total overkill and there was no reason to do it, but then you watch the video and you hear the whole crown cheering at the end, so in a way, id made sense to them, so congratulations on that.
So, turn up the speakers, and play the video, the neighbors probably hate you anyways.