3200 HP 1969 CAMARO RUNS 6.76 SECONDS AT 212 MPH! (Video)

Every now and then we run across a real beast of a muscle car, a dragster that gives you the adrenaline rush just from looking at it.

So if you into these types of insanely powerful muscle beasts that cannot be seen on the streets, but only on the drag strips (and not always, of course), then you are really going to enjoy the following video clip that we have prepared for you today!

So, what we have here is a footage of Tom Bailey’s insanely powerful, and totally wicked 1969 Camaro, highly modified and transformed into a pro-dragster.

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It is powered by a Twin Turbo Big Block motor, built by Steve Morris, that is boasts astonishing 3 200 HP. How about that?

And when we have such a monster on the strip, we do not expect to see anything less, but a super-fast run that will give us a rush that we are going to remember.

The following video is from the Day 4 at the Cordova Drag Week, in the Unlimited Class. And the result which this monster Camaro has achieved is 6.76 seconds at 212.73 MPH.

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