Last few years it is getting quite popular to recreate some of the iconic cars on the U.S. market. Similar situation is with the 2019 Plymouth Superbird that has been mentioned in few rumors that we could hear. If this happens we are sure that another high profile vehicle will be entering the market.

Just like it is the case with models like Mustang, Charger, 2019 Superbird and similar muscle cars the 2019 Plymouth Superbird will again return iconic looks. At least we hope that the base will be older models that were quite attractive and impressive. When iconic look is combined with modern technology it is possible to get fantastic results and even we currently only have the renderings of this new model we really like it. For some drivers it might be too modern and we can agree in some extent but if you take a look at other new muscle cars you will see that it is the way things go.


As we mentioned the 2019 Plymouth Superbird images are only renderings but those look really impressive and like something that we would like to see on the road. For this model to be successful it will need to follow trends so we could notice at least few similarities with Mustang with which it shares high belt line that were offered with the concept model.


It is pretty hard to think the 2019 Plymouth Superbird without a HEMI engine and reports suggest that the good old recipe will be implemented here so would be getting V8 power. There are no details about the engine, its size and will it be offered only as a naturally aspirated or the supercharged unit will come also. Power has been speculated but no confirmations have been offered about this segment so we predict that anything from 300 hp to 600 hp and more is possible. Mustang comes with range from 300 to 450 hp while there are few special limited editions that offer even more than 700 hp and Charger SRT Hellcat pumps out 707 hp as a standard so Superbird will need to follow these models.

Looking at these images we can agree that it looks stunning, it reminds us of the original but still comes with some slick and modern lines. Without a doubt it will be one easy model to be recognized on street and aggressive stance will be one of the things that we will like most. Front gives large and menacing looking grille with larger top segment and slightly smaller lower part. Both headlights and fog lights are packed nicely and incorporated with grille while the hood openings will allow additional amount of air to be delivered and extracted to and from engine bay.


On the side there are the most impressive 22 inch wheels with high performance low profile tires and the 2018 Plymouth Superbird really needs these so it could keep all that power under control even it will be quite hard to do that. tail lights and headlights come with LED technology improving overall looks and at the back we are also getting two large exhaust ends.