1972 Chevy Chevelle Fresh Star After Years Of Built!! Music for your ears!

Working on a car in your garage for most of us is probably one of the most therapeutic things we can do, and there is literally no drug that the whole pharmaceutical industry can come up with that could match the way you can get troubles off your mind like wrenching on a project car.

This time it is a 1972 Chevelle which has finally reached the point of getting outside for the first time and having the first rays of sunshine touch the car.

Aside from sounding fantastic there is little doubt that this car has had a lot of work done, and one of the best ways of realizing how special this moment is for the owner is probably watching the last few seconds of the video when a satisfied (nearly smug) smile appears on his face, even when he apparently tries to keep it in and stay cool.

Check out one very special moment for this guy in the video bellow.