1966 Shelby Mustang GT350H sunk in Ohio backyard 40 years ago!!

Stories of awesome cars that have been neglected for decades hidden in barns just going to waste keep coming and we love every one of them.

In today’s story the car is an amazing 1966 Mustang but this isn’t just any Mustang, but it’s the  pride and joy of its age, a Shelby GT350H a vehicle that has been nothing short of legendary, and has gathered quite the following.

This particular one has been in the family its entire life and thankfully gets to stay that way.

After all those years left behind this beauty finally is going somewhere nice, warm and dry where one of the owners will work on it and give it the TLC that it deserved years ago but never got.

Watch the video that shows one more American Classic Muscle car getting rescued and starting the long process to becoming roadworthy once again, we are sure you will enjoy it.

Source: Yotube/Jerry Heasley