1965 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport Resto-Mod LS2 4L65E – 378Hp

Today we have here a true Impala Super Sport that was the subject of top notch rebuilding, this sweet cruiser certainly worked for the long haul.

Starting from easygoing looks to long looks the vehicle gives you a vibe of value that comes from innumerable long stretches of work and genuine charge card bills.

With its straight boards and great board fitment, the body of the car sets the norm for what’s in store from the remainder of the form. 

What makes it more unique is that everything is improved by velvety 2-stage that would’ve been incomprehensible in the large scale manufacturing world in 1965. In the engine, an even six liters of demonstrated GM LS2, tuned by Garner, North Carolina’s RPM Motorsports, turns 378 back tire drive into 329 lb./ft. of back tire force! Behind that plant, we have a demonstrated 4L65E 4-speed channels force to an intense 10-jolt hub.

The drivetrain rides a brought down and reconstructed  suspension that has been enlarged with cylindrical control arms, thick influence bars and 2-inch drop axles. Stops are given by 4 and 6-cylinder Wilwood calipers, that snap a group of four of bored and opened rotors. 

 All that mechanical goodness moves on chrome plated Ridler haggles Goodrich g-Force Sports.  A custom cockpit is focused on Modern between the entryways, Impala-marked pails that component power change for the vehicle’s driver. A Deep Blue scramble hangs Dakota Digital VHX telemetry above equipment for the vehicle’s cutting edge cooling.

We have a custom, full-length support that is boxed around a tasteful Lokar shifter and present day Kenwood sound. Custom, “Impala” marked entryway boards front a full set-up of force-worked windows. 

There is more, before the driver, a cleaned guiding wheel laps a painted, shifting section. This tasteful Super Sport addresses ‘muscle motoring’ at its best, consolidating shocking visuals with clean rebuilding and no-pardon power.

Please share your thoughts on the vehicle with us.

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