1948 Indian Chief motorcycle comes back to life after 40 years

There ain’t no doubt that Indian Motorcycle Company built some amazingly beautiful motorcycles in its day, eh? I mean, take a look at the 1948 Indian Chief motorcycle in the video thumbnail below. Take in how beat up, dusty and rusty, and ugly it is.

Now, ask yourself if it is a beautiful motorcycle. The answer, of course, is that it is a downright gorgeous motorcycle no matter how neglected it had been over the decades.

And the most epic thing about this beautiful yet ugly American motorcycle is that it had sat unstarted for 40 friggin years straight until it was cold started on this video.

How cool is that? Yeah, that is Indian Chief cool for sure!

Take a look into the video and be blown away by the sound, smoke, and fury of this old old motorcycle !!

Source: Youtube/Jim Jimmy

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